Montana Market Watch Podcast

Multi-Offer in Real Estate - Part 2

We are staying in the multi-offer Montana real estate scene for part 2 of our series. We will look the levels of buyers and what each has for tools to purchase. From financed to cash buyers we will look at strategies for both sellers and buyers. The risk calculation metrics are explored in depth for both sides of a transaction. Its not always the highest price or the cleanest offer that is the best for the seller. All homes are a situation unto themselves. There are many facets to a mutually beneficial sale. It seems like a rowdy market right now from the outside, but calculating in a measured manner is a workflow to embrace once some light is shed on the modern Montana real estate market conditions.

Multi-Offer Real Esate - Part 1

Welcome to the Montana real estate multi-offer world where property sales are more like an Ebay auctions than a sane property purchase. Our nation's real estate market has accelerated at a breakneck pace as a new generation is buying their first homes after years of under building the nation’s housing inventory. There are more buyer’s than homes right now and the tools for both buyer and sellers have drastically changed. Who is your lender? What is an escalation clause? Do you get to inspect the home? What do you do with an appraisal? In part one of a two-part series where we start to explore the new environment of multi-offers in real estate for both buyers and sellers.


Episode 5 - Diamonds in the Rough or Missoula Money Pits? Rebuild Right

Down and dirty properties that no one wants. Are they diamonds in the rough, or just lost cause scrapers? Do smoke stains down the walls and that dingy smell spook you? How about an oven built over the staircase and no floor supports? How do you see through haze of less than ideal properties and come out the other side with a great home. We explore those topics within Courtney McFadden’s teams workflow to “Re Build a Home” in an economical and successful manner. These are big projects well into six figures so mistakes can have big swings from a home runs to a money pits.

Episode 4 - How Does Zillow Work?

91% of all real estate transactions begin online. The biggest player in this space is the real estate search engine Zillow. Founded in 2006 and came to relevance in 2011 the platform originates exposure for 30% of all listings and 80% of all listings are viewed on Zillow. It is an essential part of the real estate workflow for both buyers, sellers, and agents. But there are surprises in how this relatively new application works for the consumer. It’s a new world for sure, and rapidly changing. What is a zestimate, why did Zillow start directly buying homes, and how did you meet your agent online?

Episode 3 - The Biggest Real Estate - Montana Ranches

Lawyers, land, water, wildlife and Montana Ranches. How are some of our most famous Montana land tracts evaluated, bought, sold or not sold? If we dig deeper we find out what could make the perfect Montana ranch.

Episode 2 - Investing in Montana Real Estate?

What does a young successful investor in the Missoula Real Estate market look for? Asbestos, Mold, structural certainly those can be sinkholes to avoid or leverage? Rents how are they factored? What is a renovation budget and its timing? We’ll dig into real estate investing metrics today. How about mixing in multi-offer scenarios to the mix? How can you navigate that wild ride?

We'll talk with Chris Funston who is a young successful real esate agent investor in the Missoula Montana real estate market.


Episode 1 - Unknown Homes With Inspector Tim Netzley

How would you like to try and spend 100 of thousands of dollars on something that no one knows exactly what it is? How about try to live in it? That can be scary and expensive. Today we talk about the inspection contingency and the teams who evaluate unknown home condition. If you want to go farther we learn that many homes haven’t ever been inspected by the state to see if they were originally built to code.