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Integrity, intelligence, and work ethic combined with long history of doing business with Western Montana and national contacts. Full time Realtor.

I strive to provide the highest level of personal service and knowledge in assisting my customers conduct real estate transactions. The happiest customer is one whose expectations are exceeded.

I came into the Realtor profession out of business career of founding and growing a luxury fishing lodge in Western Montana. Missoula River Lodge is recognized as one of the top lodges in the Western United States. Before my twenty year career in the hospitality business I was a professional football player for the San Diego Chargers and the Buffalo Bills. I am always happy to talk sports on the way to review properties. If outdoor pursuits are an important part of your desire to live in and recreate in western Montana I have a large experience history to share with you.

I was born and raised in Missoula and enjoy all that Western Montana has to offer with my wife Tammi and our four children.

Ray C.

5 Star Review
I recommend Joe Cummings as a realtor without reservation. I would ask him to represent me again without hesitation, as Joe is one of the most competent, yet honestly client focused, professionals I have ever worked with in any context. I was in a tight spot, moving a relative to Missoula, and thus had to make a rapid purchase before her arrival and in a completely crazy competitive Missoula market in which offers were far exceeding list prices, and more importantly, were very unpredictable. Joe organized and constructed my offers in carefully thought out and complex ways that ultimately succeeded even though my final successful offer was not the highest made on the house. This success was entirely due to his insight and experience. Joe also took a tremendous amount of his time to tutor me on the intricacies of the selling and purchasing processes in general and never once put pressure on me in any transaction. He simply explained things in detail and provided his expert opinions. I will seek out Joe Cummings for all of my future real estate transactions.

Dylan C.

5 Star Review
A man I trust!! Professionally straight forward with a let's get it done RIGHT attitude.

Jacob H.

5 Star Review
"I have worked with Joe over the last 4 years. Our last transaction with Joe had an extraordinary number of moving parts from initial property valuation to home inspection results. Joe was thorough, detailed, and expertly helped produce the outcome that our family wanted. What really impressed me about Joe is that he really cared about us. He went above and beyond to look out for best interests in our investments. Not only was Joe a true professional but an amazing human being. I highly recommend Joe for real estate representation.

Megan H.

5 Star Review
I highly recommend Joe for real estate representation. Our last transaction with Joe had some very challenging and unexpected parts to be navigated. Joe's hard work and attention to contractual details help produce the right outcome for our family. His communication throughout the process was exceptional. I don't think you could find a harder working agent. Thanks, Joe!

Evan P.

5 Star Review
I have worked with Joe over the last fifteen years. He is a hard worker that always operates with the highest level of integrity. His professionalism and insight into business goals is top notch. I highly recommend Joe for real estate representation.

Rich W.

5 Star Review
I have worked with Joe over the last 18 years on numerous projects ranging from business acquisitions to real estate decisions. Joe has always advised me accurately with well researched data and market insights. I recommend Joe for exceptional real estate representation. I don't think you could find a harder working realtor than Joe. Sincerely, Richard Winters

Carrie N.

5 Star Review
I have worked with Joe several business projects. His advice is accurate and his follow up into execution is outstanding. Joe is hard working and honest. My family highly recommends Joe for real estate representation

Caleb .

5 Star Review
"My wife and I have worked with Joe over the last several years on different business projects. He has always been professional, detailed, and hardworking. We highly recommend Joe as a great representative for real estate transactions."

Nate M.

5 Star Review
I have worked with Joe over the last 8 years on multiple business deals. His advice has always been well researched in current market conditions and his follow up is excellent. On our last CMA with Joe his valuation was excellent and well grounded in solid real estate research. Joe is an excellent agent who my family completely recommends.

Brooks J.

5 Star Review
To whom it may concern, I have worked with Joe for the last 19 years. His business advice is spot on and has helped us make solid real estate decisions for our family. We have purchased 2 homes with his advice being paramount. One house in particular we were interested in, and at the time a bit impulsive, we almost purchased. Joe told us to look at and compare a few more homes, which we did and consequently found a much nicer, more affordable home which we bought and now reside in here in Stevensville MT. Joe is honest, detail oriented. Joe Cumming's work ethic, and professionalism speaks for itself, he will go the extra mile and then some! Brooks Jessen 10/09/2019

Andy S.

5 Star Review
I have worked with Joe on multiple successful real estate development projects. We have profitably navigated complicated land entitlements that ranged from floodplain developments, re-zoning commercial property, and managing infrastructure projects. Joe has an eye for detail, he understands the big picture, and he's not afraid to tackle involved projects. Joe has been detailed in his execution and always operated with the highest integrity. Joe's biggest asset is his ability to understand real estate market realities that translate in meetings his clients goals. I recommend Joe as a top professional real estate agent in Western Montana.

Michael T.

5 Star Review
I have been a part of multiple real estate and business projects with Joe over the last 15 years. His professionalism and integrity has always been at the highest level. Plus, he's just a really good guy. Love working with him.